R.Y.P.E. Will Host A Poetry Event as Part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival at the Buena Vista Community Garden

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ImageOur community garden in Buena Vista is progressing beautifully.  We just had our first tomatoes bloom.  And, veggies are not the only thing blooming in this sacred space where people come together to nurture Mother Nature and spread good vibes, nourishment, and well-being to the community.  In April, RYPE will host a poetry tree event, so even word art will be growing on nature’s breathing greens.

This month, we are featured in the miamiartzine.com.  Check out more details about the event in this article  O, Miami: Poetry for the People in April on the blog!

Poetry at the RYPE Buena Vista Community Garden (April 12)

Let’s explore nature’s relationship to poetry. Join us for a day of poetry and gardening at the R.Y.P.E. (Reclaim Your Power and Equality) Community Garden in Buena Vista. There will be treats and refreshments for everyone! We will open the floor for an ’Open Mic Poetry Reading’ at 5 p.m. Bring an original or favorite poem exploring the interconnectedness of nature and poetry, sustainability, and personal empowerment to share in an installation. We will also be creating poetry trees with poetry and art installations using recyclable materials. R.S.V.P at Facebook Event:Poetry at the Garden

Hope to see you there!



Peace, Love, and Mother Nature: The Inaugural Friends of Nature Music Festival Goes With the Flow at Virginia Key

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Peace, Love, and Mother Nature: The Inaugural Friends of Nature Music Festival Goes With the Flow at Virginia Key

Check out the shout out to RYPE on the miamiartzine.com detailing our mandala workshop in the Friends of Nature Music Festival this weekend!


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The war on women is absolutely and shockingly real.

Our discourse shouldn’t be focused on which lesser of two evils represents you best or about your participation in the 2012 elections. This is about a broken system waging war on women and women’s right to proper healthcare and about OUR reproductive rights.

The GOP has successfully developed the kind of initiative that can destroy this nation from its core and the worst part about it is that they coerce the citizens of this country, with good hearts and genuine minds, to actually believe these biases and so therefore warp intentions. The actualized intentions behind the GOP’s initiatives are to delegitimize women and to perpetuate the war on women. Romney, Ryan, Akin are all pushing for some kind of absolute control (to them, it seems that women are easy targets). The perspective that these men hold are dangerous and threatening. They are actually implying that women and their bodies are somehow responsible for rejecting legitimate rape sperm…that getting pregnant after a rape would indicate it was not a legitimate rape. And referring to rape as a “method of conception” is ludicrous. Rape is a violent act.

These statements are directly attacking women across the nation. It’s quite saddening that I still have to fight for my rights as a woman and for the rights of women in present and in future. (I enjoy it, trust that.)

I can only account for my own opinion. Your comments serve as your own example alone. There has been a constant attack on non profits like Planned Parenthood by the GOP, and violations against the betterment of women. The GOP has not stopped spending millions of dollars in an attempt to lure women away from birth control and abortion supporting organizations. They are definitely “women hating” and are hella sexist.

What is most disappointing are the people that deliberately waste their time pointing fingers at the left wing (just as the Right Wing would want you to) and call it a ploy or a hoax. It’s as bad as Fox News routinely talking about “the so called” war on women.

I could never vote for someone like Romney, and I honestly can’t understand why anyone else would do so. He doesn’t even support the Dream Act which could help thousands of people. Romney does NOT represent the middle class. He represents the elite that controls the systems set in place. He represents the Koch brothers, he represents corporate conglomerates. What he really wants to do is do whatever possible to maintain the illogical status quo that hasn’t worked for a very long time.

Contraceptives should be about equality! #NoRomney


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CODEPINK: Women For Peace and Veterans For Peace are helping to lead the No Drones! Initiative around the country and will be featuring Medea Benjamin on Friday, August 10 at 11 a.m., to help educate the masses of the menacing drone killing

s as part of her national book tour, “Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control”.

– Workshop on “Reining In The Drones” at the Veterans For Peace (VFP) National Convention, 3rd floor, Miami Marriott (Biscayne Bay), 1633 N. Bayshore Drive

Medea Benjamin

For more information, visit this site:


Meet the Ladies of R.Y.P.E.

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Our first R.Y.P.E. event at El Barrio Workshop Art Space is our “L’Image des Femmes” event celebrates the images of real, powerful women in Miami.

Reclaim Your Power and Equality is hosted an art and music show on Saturday July 7, 2012 at Jose Fernandez’s El Barrio Workshop Art Space. Located on 518 West Flagler Street.

Tell the U.S. Marine Corps that UFC is Unfit For the Corps

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Unite HERE held a nation wide delegation this morning to three different Marine Corps office in Miami along with R.Y.P.E., to turn in signatures collected to stop funding such a sexist and homophobic sport like UFC. Many of the fighters AND owner are constantly making misogynistic remarks demeaning women (such as one fighter,Forrest Griffin, saying “Rape is the new missionary”) and calling one another crude homophobic slurs. The Marine Corps is funding UFC with tax payers’ money and we should definitely have a say where our money is going to. Sign the petition: Image!http://afl.salsalabs.com/o/5872/c/514/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=4486


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RECLAIM YOUR POWER & EQUALITY… Feminism is the radical notion that MEN and WOMEN are EQUAL. We are a grassroots organization in pursuit of social change and gender equality. In solidarity with #WOWCaucus (Woman Occupying Wall Street) #OWS #OccupyMia


Our Mission Statement:

Reclaim Your Power & Equality is an organization that focuses on the influence that arts and culture have within society and try to exemplify these through our communities. This organization strives to empower the betterment of women and the equality of both genders. We want to open an intellectual and transparent dialogue between our community leaders and women of this millenia.

To build relationships between one another. To share experiences and struggles within women’s rights and moral obligations. To understand the convergence of the similarities and differences between men and women. To empower one another and to constantly seek knowledge. Always open to those who want to learn more. Promote women empowerment. Change history and the laws that oppress us all.

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